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You海那覇店☆10周年 第2弾

You sea Naha restaurant ☆ 10th anniversary vol. 2

Always available for You-sea thank you. Hope spent less damage in Okinawa was rescheduled because of the typhoon, many will not. Thanks You sea Naha Branch is 10 year anniversary [10th Anniversary!: Second set of products is you enjoy also benefits presents the first unveiling of new products for the duration purchased subject goods to 5万 円 8万 円 10万 yen, available in more than 5000 Yen gift LINE @ register, gifts, etc Awaits you, with many other special early also reservations for events (each 2 days) …


Weekdays only! Ravissa facials

Always available for You sea, thank you! Limited campaign will be held on weekdays only 6 months! -Week campaign (part 1)-Facial version ~ ?ラヴィーサベーシックフェイシャル (60 min) 16200 Yen ↓ week campaign ○ UV 14580 Yen summer dry skin on your skin stiff! ○ sunburn?! And more trouble is! And cared, competitive UV skin making! BODY series continues next time! Please look forward to? Take a look at this occasion overcame the June rainy season dimedime season in You sea your skin! We look forward welcoming our guests online. LanguageLanguageEnglish Japan to this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.


GW special!

Always available for You sea, thank you. Golden week starting from yesterday! ~ do you guys how you doing? We prepared the golden week special is also Golden, will open you the sea! Esteticgrampli 9 States... to provide more leisurely time provides a special originalmesotto showed in the Okinawa area final komesu, tsuhako 60 min course available ○. Original facial (60 minutes) normal 16,200 yen to 9,800 yen! 60: 7,560 yen 30 min-4,200 yen / peach aroma does not reset during the golden week period for recharging body and mind heal? Now now back Jin-peaches herb gel heads with massage with heart and so comfortably, we equipped during the golden week period (2,000 yen) …


5June 13, mother's day [present].

Use You sea thank you. You sea today is working fine, or Okinawa, is unfortunately rainy Sunday celebration is next month, 5/13 (Sunday), mother's day is that not many people haunt the present is more usual, every year since In there You are again this year [Special mother's day gift] for no or does not present the "special time" to your mother is holding on housework and child-rearing, work we offer every day, and spend time in the busy taking care of your mother, At a special price for mother's day special 5400 yen, two plans offer aroma body treatment (60 minutes) regular price ¥ 7560-5400 Special Yen tiredness, body or hand treatment in the scents of aromatherapy with a blissful time. Relax lift facial (50 minutes) regular price ¥ 6510-5400 Special Yen …

琉球アロマボディ ~月桃キャンペーン~

Ryukyu full body oil-campaign-peach-

It continues is always available to You sea, thank you for the recent, warm spring day ~! Think spring, graduation or entrance ceremony and school, transfer, move, new life is start faster than ♪ ♪ is exciting and pounding or anxiety... crosses many different feelings and changing seasons! Now the seasons changing around them and their life In unwittingly caused tension and stress by autonomic nervous system are distorted. "Lazy" and "not motivated"... the called "spring committed" such symptoms gone! Also, trying to meet the body temperature if temperature differentials between day, sympathetic dominance to close to! Because more energy is consumed, "tired" or "tiredness" susceptible will be. As anti-spring committed-and it is important for smooth transition of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous! Therefore …

Sweet girl falls in love with Gambari for month

Hi always You sea the guests would like to thank you for your recent little rain is continuing our celebration of you! Now, the white day event this month! Skin beautiful, youthful straight to and receive chocolate gift better!-will look at You sea celebrate white day. And thoughts are fondly, the campaign will be held at: love Sweet month March women's in order to support the women's struggle. For that topic. The Ravissa. Has been collaborating with macek ~! To the eye by the units we offer the set plan of the Ravissa facial & macek macek himself would. If natural girls? Ravissa facial macek(80From the book) Normal price ¥ 11920 → ¥ 8800. …

1On weekdays only!

Use You sea thank you weekday promotions your hair is really no hair loss and in You sea... watched?? Lanugo I get lost theory for the NPL first landing in Okinawa island, Japan's cutting edge, endured ever blazing hair removal machine "abbey" pain long time and long hair and white hair was given high effect can be expected First, please see the video click here ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ = OXkV3g6cD2s (* light please note) (* available if you do not see the part depending on the phone model) first of all, experience is not now I try 980 yen (excluding tax) (finger & piercing on both sides around the mouth, hands, toes & upper, they circle around the breasts, stomach around) …

To admire beautiful breasts!

Use You sea thank you. New year promotion (3) watching her body shape "long time ago, wasn't it on!...", far cry from the image of "breasts" to "bust" the ideals and, anxious, I wonder?... recently... -Hari no bust-bust have been hanging-the neck has been thin-differ in the size of the left and right-trouble comes full times over are out of shape, age or birth... You sea new menu appeared in there We offer the added new menu as the light bust care in State of the art "bust" Please try at trying prices experience first. …

Lose weight this year! And who was determined not to be missed!

Use You sea thank you. New year promotion (2) offered deals and must-see qualified monitors who was determined to "lose weight this year.! First, 3 is DNA testing kid gifts now change to realize determination, LanguageLanguageEnglish Japan to aim a beautiful body You sea, this page is translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original.

You sea ☆ year-end Championships.

Use You sea Thank You sea hits worth 600000 Big chance Yen year-raffle announcement December You sea your receipt 10000 yen per 1 lottery ticket presents this year ranked Ravissa Premier me facial [21600 Yen] after treatment, too, surprised that change rooms "to please didnt have" and is leaking testimonials (Lol) Second is examining the estupro lab DNA test kit [equivalent to JPY 21600] DNA, 3rd Digidesign has elucidated the fat that You sea selling people like premiumsimidetox (20) [19550 Yen], treatment, products, Discount tickets, points and more, plenty are available. …