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Esguerra-area final two in-store appearances!

Use sea You may change a lot thank you for new fiscal year starting in April will step up, smile and will from You customer satisfaction report for 7 years ago entry continued to Esteticgrampli. And the eighth Congress in this fiscal year and entry list this year, announced results of the undercover investigation and of the Naha shops & North Valley store 2 store both Kyushu Okinawa area final appearances has been decided [You sea, Naha Branch komesu ikuko] You the sea in celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and an important year for me. This time is determined and Naha and Chatan stores two in-store appearances, can also participate in all staff feel very happy, and encouraging. Forget gratitude to customers every day to live up to your expectations last year's experience, do my best towards the semi finals advance. Joined in the cheering thank [You sea, Chatan shop tsunami old Chiaki] You sea, chasing seniors back every day, …

Chatan shop "azalea" in bloom.

Use You sea, greeted the end thank you for 3 months, and start a new history April... warm when flowers begin to change, or continuing to date our celebration will be as kitadani stores this year bloomed "azalea" Flower language is suggested from the colors is exactly what the "pleasure of love" seems me to boost spring a pleasant breeze and a lot together, and I introduce today four of them there are 7 good reasons to support your love in azalea flower " Love "the crush to remember, love is something special for everyone. I learned the joy of love unrequited love can forget pure to asleep new love thee purely in love for the first time in the freshness of feeling Go-Daigo taste love to feel pleasure is hard to get to. Lets you know his crush during a variety of emotions, that time is fun time. Sometimes get painful at the same time, but also this "love and joy" of Facebook, can overcome hard times that emotion can be tasted only now I think "self-control" need love is blind and used to go in, Because I think some thing comes and it's like running away, after a little regret when these timeless azalea flower. Said to be termed as restraint efforts Let's have a room you'll love slightly dampen the Polish woman from work. …

Ravissa ☆ instructor

Always available for You-sea national thank you day, shikina-en Tomoko shikina-en Yumi You sea representative and the Manager went to the Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture at the foot of the Allen one of the two men at Okinawa ravier since tractor Be able to accurately answer was recognized for all your needs, your worries endeavor continue. And famous flowers and lights, [a must for village] also could go.... And impressed cherry in full bloom and not seen a spectacular illumination roll, triple has been back to Okinawa along with the excitement, I must believe that your walls together... let's dream skin 越emashou skin Ravi sea experience Conference is underway! You sea Naha Branch …

Ravissa ☆ seminar

Use You sea? thank you for a little bit colder, but our feeling is you can? Started by staff members participated in the seminar "Ravissa (Ravi sea)" recently, Ravi sea and feel the greatness impressed but still changing the skin! Of from the venue was a 1 day ".----" "to your very" etc of was swirling a lot of words! Things will change your skin will continuously changing to use if you use a long enough will continue changing Ravi sea cosmetics said in a nutshell, the caring cosmetics for skin regeneration cycle time is our pleasure You want to try first! ラヴィーサフェイシャル also offers for those who said so please feel free to contact us staff together and not feel this excitement and surprise? LanguageLanguageEnglish Japan to this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

February start

Use You sea thank you for new year in early February cold Shank at the start but it... Winter Olympics in hot February! Looking forward to

2018In You the ocean start

Your kind of the old year, happy new year, thank you very much. Would like to thank 2018, also this year we have been praying for 2018, opening day today, we were in to shikina-en shrine Thanksgiving until new year's day last year, and new year's a good year to be staff work together and strive to improve our service. Today start campaign (part 1) further upgraded this year You sea new menu we offer facial and body skin care [Ravissa] Okinawa's mind, body and skin clean, do not start the new year This year look forward very much to You sea Naha Branch 098-963-5552 You Sea North Valley store 098-989-4480 LanguageLanguageEnglish Japan to this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

Merry Christmas ☆ You sea x Morimoto rie collaboration event

We always stay You sea Merry Christmas everyone doing today thank you raffle would be a wonderful gift to... Notice of sales by the end of the lottery, and You sea. 12/29 (Friday) 17 hours of operation. 27, (Wednesday) will be closed. In 2017 the rest just after the taxis ready to greet the new year, tired of the year during the year. My shine, new year was and is good in You sea conducting cleaning campaign at the end of. I look forward to. Last weekend, You sea representative shikina-en Yumi held collaborative events with rie Morimoto, NATURE PLANTS SKIN CARE representative. …

Violinist visit you sea

Always available for You-sea thank you. You sea today to open * next week 29 [Wednesday] as usual open. Today I'm happy notice Japan all have been working in the country and the world, and ryoma's kachi violinist. I come to you sea a place had hoped.... What visit becomes a reality, come to You sea, Chatan how, why and what violin how echoes was... and to say. "Just playing it good?" "screaming please!" echoed Chatan shop Hai You ever heard staff lackey of violin sound... goose bumps & ravished the blessing was. Busy Chatan shop staff delight & big impression even though, thanks so much. …

Hot ★ hot (onnkatsu)

Use You sea thank you for today, 11/23 (labor day), now weekend Saturday, Okinawa will be winter Sundays the restaurant last weekend because it has gotten cold hips and bellies warm [hot hot] ( -On and) it is recommended to those who put the book next time You sea, presented with as a bonus. As part of this [take gullible] with [hot hot] also are available as a single menu. Dust in the warm end, most was lump aromas of herbs, such as (Getto) day. lump, please feel free to try [hot hot] LanguageLanguageEnglish Japan Japanese this page is translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original.

North Valley shop 2 Anniversary Festival events DAY ☆ thank you very much for your visit

Use sea You could thank you for the other day, celebrates the second anniversary At the two-day event DAY bookings we would like thank with many people, we had to clean is also that our patronage to everyone can start a third year with a new feeling of thanks thanks Conducts 2 year anniversary campaign until the end of October! Chatan shop popular menu "Ryukyu Miyagi plan"Also we will strive to satisfy your healing and beauty from this I can't taste in Chatan store are available at affordable prices, with a practitioner while watching your garden look at hope healing with all five senses, because in the future, Please thank all the staff cordial gratitude You sea Chatan restaurant bookings TEL 098-989-4480 LanguageLanguageEnglish Japan to this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.