STAIN DETOX / simidetox

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Area of Simi in the low-frequency pencil(Pit)Appropriated by the melanin in situ darker surface will be. It is not ever became thin gradually and it is metabolized by a reasonably safe, aka the stain of breakthrough treatments.

Instead of spots to take the concept
How to repeat the grime of the spots to eliminate

It is how to revive the turnovers we let out little by little accumulated in the skin melanin, while humans have intrinsically. Stimulates the cells, promote the metabolism, skin firmness and moisture also come. "Simple, safe and fast" is a practitioner.

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* Become a scab
* No bandaid
* No pain
* No concealer required
* Makeup available immediately
* Simi is a plaque dislodged, fall
* Wrinkles and sagging great effect!