Squat challenge

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Squat challenge
That was a popular icebucket challenge too
Squat challengeIt is in at the moment.

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In additionWaistline too beautiful・・・
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Do be careful?

Rules are exceedingly easy first day's 50 squats (do all at 1 time you said this number in the middle of the day, OK), It every day, gradually increasing number of times in the last 30 days that 250 times what.
Once you get used it is quite hard, but I'm alright

[Basic Sumo squat]
1. Open the legs to spread the toes about 45 degrees outside.
2. Bending the knee until the knee from this 90 degrees and the rest once.
3. Stretch a knee, will return to the original position.
Repeat this.

And thigh muscles are used to consciously, new and improved.
And link spine is extended straight down.
-Not extend time to stretch your legs in the front stop.
And the breath goes down, inhale exhale.

Here's who challenge ★

If you challenge a beautiful line like that!
If you're wearing a bikini challenge!