Thank you very much

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
Always YOU sea your patronage and thank you for.
Today'sAnniversary FestivalEven very crowdedThriving from beginning to endI was allowed!
This anniversary Festival20Guests who visit us, 27, two days
Total77NameIt was!
7On the anniversary of 77 people I visit us I. What a coincidence!
Thank you for
YOU the sea is today celebrated its 7th anniversary.
Only customers that have gotten much patronage since it first opened in really is filled with gratitude. Forget the basics from this our kachi cherish every day will continue to pursue.
But is still a novice, our staff and an effort from everyone, we strive to improve the service further.
In the future You sea staff, thank you sincerely.
Your health and hopes of happiness.キラキラ 

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