And the soy milk round yogurt?

Today in the streets of the topic
Round soy yogurtAbout the story I will!

That's why it'sはてな

I think I'll爆発


ThisSoy milk round yogurt (TGG)

On a diet!
In the stomach and constipation improve!
To improve the immune system and allergy improve!
The hair and skin rejuvenation!
To improve the blood!

And so on is said to have a variety of effects, has become a hot topic.

◆ soy milk round yogurt recipe ◆

(1)Kind of makes

● 300 ml containers(Lidded is desirable. To substitute in a lap without lid)
-Brown rice(Students)And tea spoon heaping 1 cup
-Soy milk: 200 ml(Adjustment type is desirable)

[How to]
-1st fermentation
1.Wash the rice lightly, heaping tea Spoon into containers.
There into the 60 ml soy milk.
Brown rice from the soy milk not to hide in.
Cover 2-3 days at room temperature (temperature is 16 ° C-20 ° C) in and thickens, and OK.
(Summer temperatures are high from half a day to leaven cakes in one day, so go to 2)
-The second fermentation
2.1The left lid, put the soy milk until at times the height of the soy milk.
Stir so keep sink a Brown under;
You use the bacteria to six hours in the second fermentation-cakes in half a day.
Not tilt the instrument is mass, as is standard.
-3 second fermentation
3.2Lid, put the remaining soy milk would become the second also at room temperature (temperature is 16 ° C-20 ° C) at left.
4.Once the surface confirmed the completion of seeding!
For the active bacteria than before, 5-hardens in eight hours.

(2)Make small cup
-Soy milk... dosage

[How to]
1.Soy milk into the Cup.
It for adding to the strain of excessive up over a cup of soy milk.
2.1The species bacteria added teaspoons 1 tablespoon or so, stir it round and round.
3.Wrap over the Cup, you can overnight at room temperature, only eat one size
TGG yogurt is completed.

However, careful breeding bacteria to ferment at home.
Securely activate disinfection of used containers, wash your hands!