Big news!!

Hello( ^_^)
Always YOU sea your patronage and thank you for.
TodayBig news announcementです!!
Would you believe it
ピカピカYOU seaChatan shopUpcoming open decision!ピカピカ
Be held at the same time opening campaign!
↓ acclaim in some public ☆彡.

In addition, due to open,Staff recruitmentWe will.
Have fun not at sea YOU work together?
Experience is of courseAn inexperienced person in OK!
Was a prerequisitesIn motivation!
Please contact us!

彡 ★ 彡!How membership recruiting彡 ★ 彡!
Blank email here just for registering!(Once you have registered and you will receive a registration confirmation email)
We deliver deals!
NowWe show you the complete email and in-situ 500 yen discountWe will!
Please register ☆彡.