Tomorrow only!

Hello everyone!
In September, the nights are getting cooler and it is easy to spend ~チョキ
秋目 ago! Does not quickly improve the damage of the summer?
This time, the newly launchedMistyIII.Is not so farWater volume up powerAndThat there was no damage in the summerWill you!
Dry and funny too!

The makeup no reapWhy not?!
Tomorrow only 9/4!
☆ in the handy firmly ☆
◇ ◆Mityiii. instant facial (40 min)◆ ◇
Special price 4900 Yen

Facial massage Mityiii... plus the luxury Pack!
Only 40 minutes, but amazing feelingIs!

Makeup looks bad beat
Fine lines come to mind
I'm dry

So absolutely want to get!
Super specials!
So the book awaits!