☆ Silver week

Hello everyone,ハート
TodaySilver week campaignThe announcementピース
Appetite autumn is here, and summer vacation-
Summer season many will go,
I Tanタラ~
Many people think of!?
<<Silver week campaign>>
The conductびっくり!!
Fat summerFor those who have had...
And portion sizes(60Minutes)
 Usually 15260 yen.Special offer $ 7300
Quick, last portions skinny machine can receive at a priceびっくり!!
Upon request of the customerThe re-appearanceびっくり!!
Only, no effort, no reboundSkinny pieces of dreamsびっくり!!

TanFor those who have had...
-Misty III. potato facials(40Minutes)
 Special offer $ 4900
In another skin YOU sea facial Misty III. the Pack setびっくり!!
Easy to reset the summer damageI canOK

Please come visit!
We are awaiting you.