Announcement of the campaign and the business

Good evening everyone!
本日はChatan shop openThe notice andEarlier this month, next month closed changeOf the notice.
Chatan will be open tomorrow!
Who capped a more central, Division,... very you waiting now!
OPEN campaign Naha and Chatan stores will do it!
Gifts we can receive and ♪ (17Thursday, 18, 19,Only)
Hurry up to YOU this weekend!
Click here for more information! ⇒Campaign details

Is your industry have you ever been to the Festival!
Would you believe it!
Next weekIndustry Festival please let me open YOU seaHaving nowキラキラ 

Industrial products, or to sell at the Festival is a big event so watching the hustle and bustle
Are YOU sea venueアロママッサージWe offer!

Professional aestheticianThe massageCheapThe King has receivedハート

Walking around the venue, you get tired.がーん
Let's take a look at OFF tired booth YOU seaGOOD

《《Industrial special Festival campaign》》
Period of time 10May 23, (Friday), 24, (Saturday), 25, (Sunday)
Venue Onoyama Park
Time 10:00~20:00
Menu (software)
♦ neck & shoulder massage
♦ head massage
♦ hand massage
♦ foot & leg massage

1500 yen each (tax included)
With them on!
Now back Jin produced organic aroma.
-Peach or shikuwasa With

Even though! BIG rewards!
On the day of guests more than 3000 Yen limitedAnd
In order of arrival 爆発Special discount coupon爆発 Giveaway!

Many customers visit look forward very much!