Eric final 3/17

»» Breaking!

» Area final "Started.

Monitor survey results indicate thatCustomer satisfaction with the top salonTo compete for this Championship.
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3/17 yesterdayKyushu / Okinawa areaFromStartWas made.

Then go to Fukuoka hotel in all of this, but from the day before yesterday at

And!Yesterday's production.

This time"Owner shikina-en.ButPlayedWas made.

In the last year continue.
Kyushu Okinawa areaFrom6SalonPlayed.

Here are 6 months
Go to the semi final's saloon
But not chosen.

Last year as well # 1 is taken, and but once again tension.

The owner of it.

This time the area final

Would you believe it・・・1Place!

2Consecutive yearsIn the subject.

Will be held in JuneFinalTowards the全国1 placeAim.