North Valley shop 2 anniversary

Use You sea thank youクマノミ

Today is the day of the equinox.キラキラ 
Are you doing how?はてな
Today's North Valley shop 2 notice of anniversary eventsおすまし

くすだま くすだま
Thanks in 10/17 You Ocean North Valley storeキラキラ 2Anniversaryキラキラ To
And we celebrated.

I am grateful and this is thanks to ourハート
Aiming to improve further services from it, so we will continue to pursue
Thank you for the future.ニコニコ

With gratitude to our
[North Valley 2 year anniversary event:We will implement音符オレンジ

This year,
[Health and sports day (national holiday): 10/9 (Monday).
[Open day: 10/17 (Tuesday)The held in 2 days!

クマノミOcean facial (30 min)
3400 Yen to 2160 Yen

クマノミYou sea body (30 minutes)
3300 Yen to 2160 Yen

クマノミLight photo facial (60 minutes)
8750 JPY JPY 6200

クマノミLight simiphotofeishall (60 min)
9750 JPY JPY 7800

クマノミBody hair removal (120 min)
61720 Yen to ¥ 29800

クマノミThree on the light hair removal
21600 ¥ 9800 JPY

* Already be booked full time. Reservations are limited so please book early.

* 2-day event will be only menu above.
In addition, payment will be cash only.

In addition, Chatan shop limited menus and special offersハート

For more information please contact us at the store or on the phone♪赤

I take this opportunity to try andニコニコ

Staff sincerely look forward toニコニコハート

You sea Chatan shop
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