North Valley shop 2 Anniversary Festival events DAY ☆ thank you very much for your visit

Use You sea thank youおすまし

The other day, 2 year anniversary.I was able to

Please book to many people at the two-day event DAY
With gratitude, we had to cleanハートニコニコ

It is also thanks to have received patronage to everyone can start a third year with a new feeling ofおすまし

Sincerely appreciateハートハート

10End of the month until the day we 2nd anniversary campaign!

Chatan shopPopular menus"Ryukyu Miyagi planAlso available at affordable prices赤ハイビスカス

In watching your garden can't taste the Chatan stores,By all meansHealing with the five sensesToAnd I hopeサクラ

So we will strive to be satisfied with our healing and beauty
In the future, please thank youおすまし

All of the staff with gratitudeハート

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