Merry Christmas ☆ You sea x Morimoto rie collaboration event

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Use You sea thank you

Today I also did raffle音符オレンジ

We are a wonderful giftHotelTheses like.プレゼント

Notice of sales by the end of the lottery, and You sea.

ハート12/29 (Friday) 5 pmThe sales will be.
ハート 27, (Wednesday) is closed on MondaysIt will be.

In 2017 the rest just after theびっくり!!

Taxis ready to greet the new year?はてな

Tired of the year during the year.
My shineBy新年ToWelcomeGill said.ラブ

In the Sea youAt the end of your campaignAlso carried out.
I look forward to.

Last weekend,
You sea representative Shikina-en YumiAnd
NATURE PLANTS SKIN CARE representative Rie MorimotoMr.With collaboration events were held.

Rie teacher's makeup artists have been doing makeup for famous celebrities and models

Carefully selected ingredients carefully manufactured with natural materials exposed to Sun and sea and moved to Okinawa, wilderness, made
It is a skin care brand are handmade in Okinawa.

This time, Mr. MorimotoYour edgeThe completed request isYou sea original herbal oilピカピカ

We use the talk show in the event and facial.

In addition, Mr. Morimoto3D natural make upAlso public.
キョロキョロYou guys nailed it was!

In the event and we had lots ofYour edgeAlso, became a very rare beauty event.

Those who visited the venue on the day of the
Who gave you the model also events held in cooperation withニコニコ

Thank you very much.

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