Today, this year the final day!

Use our sea You again, thanks.

Today, this year's all-dayIt became.

Thus, greeted the new year's Eve also
It is thanks to OER the sea You for leisure guests.
ラブFrom the heartThank.We would like.

The end of the yearUp to 5 pm todayIt comes to.

Buy your product or not remain forgotten or raffle ticketsはてな
Once again, please review.

Happy new year,
1/4 (Thursday) 11,
Sales start.

Best wishes to everyone sincerely and best wishesピカピカ

At lastHappyNew reports.
You sea staff,[Ishihara Akane]MarriageReports will beハート

Thanks for helping in the sea You graduated from high school and then
Ishihara was married this winter.

While we support many customers
Members of societyAnd as
EstheticianAnd as
WomenAnd as
Daily growth we are.

Really, thank youびっくり!!

New Ishihara Akane also continue to thank you.

In it,
Wishing happy new yearサクラ