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Your hair, it's actually...
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In the Sea youCrispHair lossDoes not??

Okinawa main islandFirstLandingびっくり

Of-the-artNPLExpressionTheoryで、Fire hair removal machine"abbey"アップアップ

サボテンPain had been patient until now,

サボテンLong time and long hair

サボテンLanugo I get lost or
Gray was given the high-effect can be expected

First of all, please see this video

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(* Light please note)
(* If you don't see some mobile phone models.)

First of all, why is experience it once?♪赤

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Try980Yen(excluding tax)
(Finger & piercing on both sides around the mouth, hands, fingers & instep, kneecaps, breasts circle around and around the stomach)
The 1 980 yen from inside.
* More than one point is also possible

Have gotten nice words from our customersコレ!

Aさんニコニコ Both sides hair loss
Was about 9 times still other salons, but still no 減ranakute
It is done until the summer so slow to grow in 1 pain

Mさんおすまし Body hair removal
First of all, no pain, and foot hair is considerably reduced early. It's great that time.

Hさんピース Nape of the neck hair removal
Compared to the previous pain or almost no surprise is that gray had given up too much 1.

And so on are pleased just had lots of peopleハート

注意Naha shops only and fire hair removal machine.

New year's day tired any way you wantぐすん
But no time...
To you is not to be missedびっくり

赤ハイビスカスRyukyu aroma head & décolletage treatment personalized赤ハイビスカス

-> Regular price 4200 Yen3,500Yen

Shoulder treatmentsHead massageIs a combination of 30-minute course.
The Okinawa organic aromaGettoShikuwasaFrom the choice we would like scent from even healed

In a short time tired resetコレ!
We recommend to your work.

This week the campaign1Until the end of the monthWe becomeダッシュ

OthersPacked menu I want to clean thePlease
Visit sincerely we look forward toハート

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