Chatan shop "azalea" in bloom.

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3April also may pick up the end and start a new history...

晴れWarm weather is continuing our celebration will be?はてな

When flowers begin to change in the Chatan stores this year"Azalea"Bloomラブ

The language of flowers which are associated with color also
Exactly what"Pleasure of love"It isハート
For it seems me to boost and a pleasant breeze and a lot together,音符オレンジ

The azalea flower
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リボン"First love"In remembering the crush
Love is something special for everyone.

You can forget pure to asleep new love thee purely in love for the first time the freshness of feelingピカピカ

リボン"Pleasure of love"The best of unrequited love
It is hard to get to know the feeling of love is the joy.

Lets you know his crush during a variety of emotions, that time is fun time.

Sometimes get painful at the same time, but also this "love and joy" of Facebook, can overcome hard times that emotion can be tasted only now I thinkピカピカ

リボンTo:"Self-control"Also need
Because I think some things and love is blind and he comes and it's like running away, after a little regret when these timeless flower of the azalea.

Let's have a room a little less feeling you'll loveピカピカ

リボン"Efforts.Polish woman
Effort that is named in a similar discipline derived from.

It is fun to make love with little effort. Even trying to show even a little cute and beautiful appearance is very attractive.ピカピカ

Love is not only human
Would love a is my favorite book, the cosmetic products, are living in has a variety ofハート

Everyone in daily lifeLovePlease try and find things they音符オレンジ

We hope that youピカピカ
素敵なNewNewStepSeen togetherBeautyCorrectlyDecorationWe would beピカピカ

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4January 1, (Sunday).ClosedThe order will be closed and

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