GW special!

Always available for You sea, thank you.

Golden week starting from yesterday! ~アップアップアップ

You guys how you doing?

Are you seaThe rest is goldenI willコレ!

This is golden.Special eventsキラキラ We offer!

Aesthetic Grand Prix
Kyushu. Okinawa area final

KomesutheTsuhakoThe showcase
Original masottoWe provide specialキラキラ 

To provide a more leisurely time
60-minute course availableラブ

Original facial(60 minutes)

Usually 16,200 yen →9800Yen!

60Minutes 7560Yen

30Minutes 4200Yen

Relieves the tired body and mind body, peach scentハート

During the golden week periodResetDon't you?

Now now back Jin-peaches herb gel heads with massage (2,000 yen)

During the golden week holiday period in our

So you can spend a day with heart
Special offersしました♪赤
Please take a look at using You sea.

Visit our staff sincerely look forward to.