5May 13, (Sunday) is mother's day gills of FES].

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Next week, 5/13 (Sunday) mother's day!
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The biggest! Learning for adult women and school magazine
[Gill of festivals 2018]
5May 13, (Sunday) 10 am opening
Okinawa Karate Kaikan (tomigusuku)
Will be held at theびっくり

In the gills of FES
You sea, representativeShikina-en Yumi
Change your skin change lives!
No find lecturesWill do.

Perspective silk skin, even in the harsh environment of Okinawaびっくり

Review the daily skin care method,
NowEven fromMy skinOfPotentialYou can use theShinWould beびっくり
If I become a such opportunityHappyNew is音符オレンジ

Course 1,5Timesびっくり

All departments無料音符オレンジ
Your seats are limited, soEarly bookingピカピカ

[Booth19Is the number:ピカピカ

Click here to make a reservationコレ!

In addition toMorning(10:30 ~) on how to book a course,
Entitled to receive gifts too音符オレンジ

On the day of the Department other than Yumi shikina-en
All 47 booth & things, Sawayama merchandise booth

Temporary parking lot and shuttle bus runs on the day.

The teaser on the registration
We look forward to.

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[Mothers day special event info]
Tickets are You sea store popular mother's day saleピカピカ
Up to (5/13)

[Notice of closed]
Tomorrow will be closed.