6Month off.!

Always available for You-sea
Thank you forキラキラ 

From today on6 monthIt is a start.びっくり

June is the rainy season, but
Now finally seems to be rainy weather!

An inconvenient time is life aspects, such as washing
The rainy season is good you can enjoy femininityニコニコ

Now,6First campaign of the monthコレ!

As summer nears, hair care
Persons wishing to make increased quite♪赤

In there You willSeason easy stuffinessIn order to
Women delicate zonesVio hair lossCampaign toくすだま

It is almost the vio hair loss in recent years

We also have this problem?

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☆You can get in shape without getting hurt during self clean

☆Could wear cute underwear and bikinis

☆Freed from the worries, such as sweating and itching

☆Gray was not realized until now expected
Since retirement, no worries!

You sea Naha Branch up-to-date fire-hair lossAnd nowコレ!

赤丸Till nowI endured pain

赤丸And downy white hair had given up too!

First of all, once.ExperienceAnd how is it?ラブ

Trial price 8000Yenキラキラ 
One person will be as long as oneコレ!

In addition toハート
Course contract awards and case

Japanese women developed by Italy herbalists
Delicate care products

Picodonna mistキラキラ 

Picodonna scrubキラキラ 

First six limitedIn
EitherYou get oneラブ

No pain, great effect!

You now!Underworld beautyDo not startハート

Because the self is great site
Your care in the Salonびっくり!!


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