Lets go skin! Challenge month

Always available to You sea, thank you.

今月はSkin supposed monthly
Engaging in theアップアップアップ

In fact the staff10Day careDidチョキ

Not so much?!?
This changeびっくり!!

I've been using a variety Pack,
First felt the changes in it.GOODキラキラ 

Perfect for Okinawa's nemesis, UV rays are stronger seasonHome careGuide to theキラキラ 

Active White Pack (whitening Pack)♪赤
DirectSuppression of melaninIn addition to the
Spots, wrinkles, dullness of approachDo
Innovative whitening items.
Extremely high antioxidant propertiestheKeep moist rich

Serge full mask (moisturizing Pack)♪赤

"Deliver" and "limit" "protect"
Intensive CAI mask.

The sealing effect of the mask
Skin moisturizing arrived throughout the
Luxurious and lasting freshnessAn item is.

TogetherBeautiful skin challengeDoes not?はてな

HereChallenge awards availableくすだま

10Days concentration after before & after photos
We offer to
Present surge full mask (1 piece)ハート

注意Challenge results No1コレ!For travelers
Ravia facial (30 min)
We present
SNS post OK onlyびっくり!!

Naha and Chatan stores
Limited to 10 setsコレ!And so we
If you are interested in!ニコニコ

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