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Thank you (^ ^ ♪

Once again, on behalf Shikina-en YumiBut
He became a Habicht control trainerWe have
Japan is still only 10!

Finally to be held! Very popular
1 meeting on Habicht control experience

Habicht controls and...

Customs and habit naturally lead to a State in
To create a healthy and beautiful BODY line purpose

Would you believe it! Among celebrities, models, athletes
Incorporating third-party integrated management.

< Customers recommend! "

Size downAnd you want to
O legsX legsYou want to improve
Lower back pain and knee painStiff neckAnd you want to improve
Urine leakageTo have been suffering from
During pregnancy, post-partum help tray 2 opening
Small pieces ofRough surfaceBe careful


In the beauty industry You sea aIntroduced Japan's first!

Are already experiencing Habicht control
These changes are!

Part 1
When pulling out or dine in
Is said to have good posture in

Part 2
Using a bit of free time
(One leg balance became motarenaku to the wall and raise the neck has been reduced)

Part 3
Low back pain, stiff neck, O leg and arm rash that has considerably improved!

And so on a lot of awareness, change in body
I come in!

-Schedule of workshops-

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Naha Branch 10/19 (Friday) 10 am-

Chatan store 10 / 26 (Friday) 10 pm-

* Entry fee-£ 2000
Benefits are also available on the dayWe are

呼bi起koshimasenn muscles are sleeping?

You sea Naha Branch

You sea Chatan shop