Staff Nagayama ♪ receptions

Guys Hi(^^)

This year is a long holiday,
I think that there are a lot of people on the last day of GW, but how are you doing?

You sea staff on Saturday, May 4
Our staff member, Akane Nagayama (maiden name, Akane Ishihara)
We were invited to the wedding reception!(^^)

The ceremony started, and the bride and groom and their one-year-old son ♪

Wearing a nice costume that combines Japanese and Western,
The bride Nagayama who shines very much was also very beautiful!

Above all, their smiles were very nice and we felt happy♪

In addition, the color change to the pure white wedding dress was very suitable, too, and it was wonderful.(^^)

In the guest congratulations, I was allowed to say hello to the representative's name.!!

We also practiced our entertainment to the extent that it could be called 18th (laughs) cheer dance?

If the costume was decided, the dance should have looked like it (laughs)

At the end of the day, i finally wrote a letter to my parents.
Everyone is moved to tears.(;-;)
My heart warmed up.

Such Nagayama will also return to you sea from May 7 of this month
Everyone, please look forward to it!(^^)

I would like to congratulate the Nagayama family again.


I wish you happiness for many years to come.

On the last day of consecutive holidays, and tiredness of the body,
How about ing your skin??(^^)

There are some free, so
Please feel free to contact us!

Please have a wonderful day today!

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