Esguerra 9 States / Okinawa area Convention! The result is-.

5moon1From the dayNew eraButStart!
I am starting with a new feeling ♪ ♪

In the last year
Entries continued to improve customer satisfaction
Aesthetic Grand Prix

From the undercover investigation began last October 9th Congress in this fiscal year, but this year customer satisfaction top salons and this year shops of Aloha and You sea Naha Kyushu and took up a berth to the Okinawa area!

Yesterday, made the Kyushu Okinawa area tournament in Fukuoka.

Results ~ ~ ~.

I was!

Aloha and You sea representativePlayed with[Tsuhako Chiaki]But
Well done! Facial technology
Kyushu / Okinawa representatives decided!

With this You sea national competitions to five consecutive years.

I did it again!

Tsuhako Manager Award-winning, gave comment on how I feel now!

Week in Okinawa and Kyushu area representative.
You could come here with the power of one person.
Owner began, all managers, staff it and thanks to push me back..
Guests at the Sea you will want to have a happy! Feeling that you want to think and feel better than the chest was stand on the stage.
Also we will keep up the thinking that leads to customers which will be tritomentment in the semi finals, but!

The semi final is 7/1!
All the cheering about thank you(^^)

"To the beautiful one step ahead! "You sea Menu here

Popular norfund workshops during a scheduled meeting.
Now in Okinawa"No find women.Is a rapidly growing

Beautifully skinny you want not to be missed! New method of surpriseWith downsizing after another!

In addition, our"Great opportunity"In which we are planning a variety of events.

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