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Announcement of the popular event today!

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Suddenly, you seeGolden proportion"What do you know??

Golden proportions and...
Look most beautiful size, height and age waridashimasu!

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Cavitating body line up enough experience (free)

Staff who are experienced for the first time is for all of you!
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68 (Saturday)6January 9, (Sunday).The two-day

You sea Naha Branch

* Reservation is required
* Benefits are available while stock lasts will end
We recommend booking well in advance.

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[[Customers] Ravissa half-face workshops

"To the beautiful one step ahead! "You sea Menu here

Popular norfund workshops during a scheduled meeting.
Now in Okinawa"No find women.Is a rapidly growing

Beautifully skinny you want not to be missed! New method of surpriseWith downsizing after another!

In addition, our"Great opportunity"In which we are planning a variety of events.

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