"O3 Premium" disinfected by ozone

Thank you for always using you sea.

The influence of coronavirus is expanding in various places.

I think that there are a lot of people who are awake in the close such as the school break and the event reduction and cancellation.

In many ways, it has become a big social problem
I can only hope that it will end soon.

In various ways, it is in the process of being alerted,
In order to reduce physically, we introduced O3!

We will make every effort to ensure that our customers' health is our first and that we can pass with peace of mind!

Both Naha and Kitatani stores,
Ozone Generator "O3 Premium"Set up a
24We are compatible with time sterilization.

The other day, it became an article that Ishikawa of the Chunichi Dragons brought it to the camp by himself


After that, the baseball team36Introduction of the tableIt was taken up on the front page of the sports newspaper.

[Expected effect of ozone]

Inactivation of high sterilization and virus
Remove not only viruses and floating bacteria, but also adherent bacteria and odors from the original
Prevention of bacteria and viruses

High deodority

Anti-sweat, body odor, and age-related odor. Pet odor, tobacco odor, life odor measures, etc.

Mold, mold odor, myophilis measures

Pollen measures

Mites and cockroaches

Safe, high sterilization & high deodority, friendly to people and the environmentIt's a
"O3 Premium"are

The number of ambulances in Tokyo has already spread to 100%.
There are about 500 ambulances all over the country.

In the rush of orders, the manufacturer is out of order right now

In addition to anti-virus, deodoration, mold, cockroach measures can also be expected,
If you are interested, please contact You Sea.

Reservations can be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tomorrow is closed for the first Sunday.

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