For corona measures! Charm of Chaga tea "Lyte♪

Chaga, a mushroom recognized by a world-renowned research facility in Russia as "effective against the new corona." Aling we are in the process of researching for practical use, there have been cases where it has had a surprising effect in Japan.
Introducing articles published in the December 14, 2020 issue of AERA.

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Experts from russia's National Center for Virology and Bioengineering (commonly known as Vector) have invented a treatment for the novel coronavirus based on birch mushrooms. In early November, this article was published in Kommersant, a leading Russian national newspaper. There is an example that this mushroom named Chaga (Japanese name, Kabanoanatake) was effective in the treatment of lifestyle-related diseases in Japan.

"Chagas are parasitic on birch trunks, mainly in the Russian-Siberian region, and grow over 20 years to nourish sap. It's called "Forest Diamond" because of the rarity of only one in 20,000 bottles, and medical data show that alexandrov county residents, who have been drinking it on a daily basis since ancient times, have extremely low rates of cancer."

Yasushi Ayaya, 57, president of Global Development, is focusing on the effects of chaga and working on proprietary processing technologies such as ultrafine particles to enhance absorption.

Chaga contains many β-D-glucans that activate immune cells, polysaccharides that regulate blood sugar levels, and bethurinic acid that keeps cholesterol levels normal, and many papers have found effects such as suppressing cancer progression, improving liver damage, and suppressing HIV.

Professor Tamara Vladimirovna, director of the Institute of Myology in Vector, confirmed that the chaga-aqueous extract has a high inhibitory activity against covid-19, and responded to the media:

"Further research is needed to develop it as a therapeutic agent, but we can recommend that patients who have already developed it take a concentrated aqueous extract of chaga in parallel with their doctor's prescription medication."

■There are no reports of side effects

Masahiko Fujii, 57, who runs a bar in Tokyo, developed diabetes about 10 years ago. He continued to take medication and diet by doctors, but has suffered from symptoms such as cataracts and dulling sensations in the fingertips of his hands and feet. However, at the end of July at the recommended by a friend, he started drinking charga, and in about 100 days, the index hemoglobin value went down by 2 points, and it became normal.

"The flat fever that was 35 degrees 7 minutes has increased to 36 degrees 5 minutes, so my immunity is improving. In addition to improving my symptoms, I was able to relax mentally and have more time to think about life in 10 years" time."

Dr. Shinoura says, "We have not reported any side effects caused by chaga, but people with birch allergies should not take it." And, it appealed so about the new corona.

"Complete infection prevention is not possible, so it is important not to make it heavy even if infected. If the immunity is solid, it can prevent serious illness and prevent cancer and lifestyle-related diseases. It's important to have a "disease-first" perspective."

(Editorial Department, Makoto Ohira)

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