It's almost fun...

It's been a little chilly again in the last few days.
A pleasant wind blows
I think it's the end of spring.

Blown like that [Carp streamer]] is
I saw him swimming energeticy.
It's a countdown to a fun GW

What GW are you going to spend this year?

Popular again this year in the You Sea
[GW limited campaign]Held


Eyelash Curls
Usually 6,490 yen?4,800yen

Not only is it containing beauty ingredients
Protect the cuticle and improve your keeping power!
To attractive eyes with beautiful curls ...

Ryukyu Aroma Body(60Minutes)
Usually 8,800 yen?6,600yen

Plenty of 60 minutes! Aroma and aroma
Relax with an all-hand treatment

"The most popular! Limited to 5 people at each store"
Beautiful skin hair removal to choose [10 times course]
Usually 110,000 yen?39,800yen

early! It's not hurting! I'm convinced by the effect.
Let's have a wonderful summer with beautiful skin hair removal

《Target area》※Once per place
Below the knees, thighs, elbows, upper arms, stomach
Chest, back up, back down, nod, buttocks
VI, IO, whole face

※All prices include tax

Stress that can not go out easily, etc.
In order to make it a fun holiday ...

In the Sea you【Infection prevention measures】In the middle!
Cooperation in hand disinfection at the entrance
・ Check your body temperature and physical condition at the time of visit
Air cleaning with a low-concentration ozone machine
・ Such as wearing a mask of the staff ...

In a space where you can spend with peace of mind,
Would you like to refresh your mind and body?

(Inquiries and reservations)
Naha Branch
Yamakawa Building 2F, 1-22-45 Mihara, Naha City, Okinawa PrefectureView Google Maps
Tel. 098-963-5552
Naha Branch LINE @
Chatan shop
474 Kuwae, Kitatani Town, Okinawa PrefectureView Google Maps
Tel. 098-989-4480
Chatan shops LINE @

(At common business time)
Opening hours: 10:00-18:00
Closed: 1st, no. 3 and no. 5 on Sundays every week on Wednesdays

#Creating a space where you can spend time with peace of mind #オゾン #O3プレミアム #Loop #脱臭 #除菌 #ウィルス対策
#Eyelash Perm #まつ育 #エクステ #You海 #沖縄 #エステ #那覇 #北谷 #フェイシャル #ニキビ #たるみ #シミ #しわ #ほうれい線 #Ravissa #ラヴィーサ #グローバルサイエンス #認定サロン #代理店 #リラクゼーション #アロマ #ハビット #脱毛 #エスグラ #全国一位 #グランプリ #識名 #エニシーグローパック #V3ファンデーション #HARI #天然針水光注射 #沖縄を美肌県へ

For the renewal of the e-mail magazine
If you have registered, please do not forget
[Facial (30 minutes) & beautiful skin lesson]In the middle of a present!

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"To the beautiful one step ahead! "You sea Menu here

Popular norfund workshops during a scheduled meeting.
Now in Okinawa"No find women.Is a rapidly growing

Beautifully skinny you want not to be missed! New method of surpriseWith downsizing after another!

In addition, our"Great opportunity"In which we are planning a variety of events.

I want to eat! I want to drink! Want to clean!
Best suited for you! You sea supplements!