You are particularly confident in facials in the sea. That's not just because there are leaders who have become the best in Japan with facial technology. Beautiful skin is not only a treatment in the salon, but also skin care in daily life is important. First of all, please participate in the "No Fande experience meeting" aiming at the bare skin beauty. I believe that it will surely be your "opportunity to be beautiful".

No-Fande Experience Meeting Details

You Sea Diet Program is not temporary. It is a method that can be incorporated and continued without difficulty in daily life. You can lose weight beautifully and healthily without rebounding. It is a program that naturally strengthens the trunk by dieting, and continues to be healthy and beautiful even as you age. First of all, please feel free to participate in the experience meeting.

▼Details of The Havit Control Experience Association Are Here▼

You sea is the first in Okinawa Prefecture [enrolled Ravissa instructors certified Salon]
株式会社アレン Ravissa

第6回エステティックグランプリ フェイシャル技術部門 全国1位獲得
リラクゼーションエステYou海 識名由美



~ And esteticgrampli ~

Best aesthetician is a leading, resplendent stage and esteticgrampli by providing opportunities to learn from one another. Major goal is to have dreams and pride in their work, as set out in clear goals with improvements in technology and customer service.
YOU sea joins the estatic Grand Prix and the seriously committed to quality customer satisfaction, aesthetic services.

6th meeting (in 2016), won the 全国1 place in the facial technology sector.


In Esgra, after Yumi Minami became the first in the whole country, the staff challenged! Ikuko Yonesu has been in a row for the first time in a row. Tsunami Kochiaki also participated in the semi-final as a representative of the Kyushu Okinawa area.

In modern women become social advancement in General, men do not take comparable to increases the playing field. Not many people have upset the heart, skin, body, some on the other hand excessive stress, hectic. Even in hectic hormone balance was disrupted, further external stresses such as UV rays, chemicals, do not meet your skin care or irregular life, feeling bad, more people suffer from various skin problems and poor health, internal stress such as mental worry too much.
In the aesthetic pretty, "healing" in the Aquarium therapy. Experience superlative service by the synergy of the two on your own.

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