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1. The definition of personal information
Personal information is information about an individual that the information includes the name, date of birth, email address or other description, or individually referred to as ones that personally identifying number, symbol, or other sign, image or audio, can be easily compared with other information that information alone does not identify that individual can be identified by it, including.

2. Purpose of use of personal information
Personal information that we use in the following order.
• Provide mail magazine and advertising
-To provide information about various campaigns of gifts, etc.
-Provision of services through the company's website
-Shipping charges or purchase materials, samples, products, etc.
If you judged require line-of-business and other

3. Disclosure of personal information
The company will not disclose to disclose to third parties your personal information as a general rule.
Except in the following situations.
If is difficult to obtain user's consent if that is necessary for the protection of the person's life, body, property,
If you get consent, in cases where the improvement of public health or to promote the healthy development of children is difficult
If by obtaining the user's consent in case there is need to cooperate to perform duties prescribed by law and are affected by the organs of the State or local authorities or commissioned, could hinder the Affairs
If you are specified by laws and disclosure or information obligations and other
If subscribed through each salon or company events and seminars organized by the third-party user is asked to provide information from a third party
Transfer of company or any third party if we transfer to a third party all or part of the business, was spun, was transferred from us firm
Information that identifies the user cannot
If we reasonably should any other service provided to the user for the

4.Use of statistical data
We can use such data without any limit, and create statistics based on identifiable personal information provided by you.

5. The person responsible for the personal information
Personal information provided by our Manager has the responsibility to manage the.

6. Changes and notification
The company this may be changed without advance notice about the "handling of personal information. Shown below, please only contact to the users in each case and will not be, so, please check your most recent up our personal information management Management Office.

7. Inquiries concerning personal information
Request regarding the handling of personal information and inquiries, contact below.

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