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Esthetic Grand Prix Facial Technology Division 1st place in Japan Special Course by Yumi Ticna


2016Esthetic Grand Prix Facial Technology Division Grand Prix Winner Program
Okinawa Moon Peach and Ryukyu Hot Shell Healing
Okinawa moon peach is a plant of the ginger family, and it is characterized by a refreshing and refreshing smell. Mineral-rich, autonomic nervous system is adjusted, anti-allergic, antioxidant, stiff shoulder relief, sterilization, sedation, collagen generation effect, etc. Use this essential oil, floral water (distilled water) and treatment oil.
And "Shell" uses Okinawan and natural shellfish. By adding a heating agent in it, it warms up to 40 degrees. By using a well-warmed hot shell, it promotes the flow of lymph and blood, resulting in surprisingly high skin-beautifying effects and deep mental and physical relaxation effects.

Made-to-order plan
Yumi Thensiblea will propose the best tailor-made treatment for you by combining body, facials, etc. according to the condition and request of your skin and body of the day.
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