Habicht control


【Okinawa's first]
You Sea Original Method

Habit Control (Habicht control)
- To the proportions of the ideal that tightened -

Yoshito Ogura Supervised   


【Body】Hubit Control
Stretch & Treatment
【Expiration date】※The pace once every day of the day
Size down with the hapbit control and exercise that you can do on a daily basis. Recommended for those who want to size down in a short period of time including advice on lifestyle

【Expiration date 5 months】※1 pace once every 7 days to 10 days
In addition to the basic pack, we will train the body by further detailing the guidance and exercise training. It leads to a healthier and ideal body line by continuing in the long term.


【Facial】Motor point
Anti-Aging & Lift-Up
Instant lift-up possible You Sea original method
Such worries [sagging, wrinkles, opening of pores, dullness, swelling, acne]

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