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For the skin of the past, the present, and the future
The sense of well-being that fills me from the moment i put it on. The skin shines with time. New mezzot skin care to love yourself and make you shine now and in the future

Ravissa Facial ~ La visa facial ~

[I want to increase the metabolism of the skin by basic care and produce tone up, reasonable results, darkening, swelling, skin color unevenness]

[Especially, the surge full mask of the nano hyaluronic acid blended with the decorte which is anxious about drying is moist and charged at a dash. 】

[Decorte - Light Photo - Special Skin Care That Reborn Skin At Once With Premium Jelly Mask!! Sagging, dull, firm, acne, dryness, pores, texture]

You can choose from facial treatments or blackhead care courses.

[Care, sagging, dullness, wrinkles, firmness, acne, acne both sides of the epidermis and dermis at the same time with special light]

DiNa ~Whitening/Anti-Aging/Placenta~[NEW from Okinawa]
【La visa facial DiNa(Beauty essence)】

[Photo Facial DiNa(Beauty essence) Surge full mask]

【La visa facial photo facial DiNa(Beauty essence) Jerry Mask]

Ravissa ~ Option menu ~
*All prices are tax-excluded.


Ryukyu Aroma Facial
Ancheising Relaxation
By detoxing mainly on swelling and sagging, and encouraging the flow of lymph and blood while loosening the facial muscles of the skin, the immune function of the skin is awakened and the metabolism is smoothly
(You can choose from, peach or shikuwasa)

[Special care that entered decorte kuchapak]

[Treatment with Tsukimomo Sikh Waser Blend Oil]

All prices shown are inclusive of tax.

It has infinite possibilities that have the greatest effect on the skin.

PHYTOMER Facial ~ Phytomer Facial ~

Skin cleansing treatment for women living in modern society. To the supple, strong, clear skin that does not lose to the environment which seems to be dull and suffocating... Such worries [tiredness, bear under eyes, swelling, wrinkles, skin color unevenness, dullness, stain]

Gently cool down your tanned skin and delicate skin. It calms down the sensitive skin response of the skin, moisturizes, and supports strengthening barrier function. There is such a trouble [skin is easy to bark, redness of the skin is anxious, tingling, and there is a little discomfort]

PHYTOMER ~ Option menu ~
*All prices are tax-excluded.


DiNa ~ Option menu ~
*All prices are tax-excluded.