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Ryukyu aroma Body
Ryukyu aromatherapy relaxing
Gradually loosens the muscles and encourage the flow of lymph and blood. Treatment to awaken all the senses of the body
(You can choose from, peach or shikuwasa)

[Of passive stretching, warm up with the foot bath in flexible body. Luxury treatment with organic oils soothe both body and mind]

[From feet to head a whole body treatment]

[And the swelling part treatment, such as parts of that tired]

[To wanting to improve a stiff neck and eye treatments:

Ryukyu hot shell high rings
Barbeque relaxation
Whole-body shell (shell) warmed nicely You sea original body treatments.
It encourages blood circulation and helps excrete waste. In addition, the smooth and unique fusion of warmth and feel and hand massage brings high-quality relaxation, relaxing from the core of the body, and the indescribable sense of freedom will balance the energy of the whole body.

For such customers,I want to receive special treatments that i want to relax, to be swell, cold, overall tired, relaxed.

*All prices are tax-excluded.

The power of the sea is a treasure house where the original element of nature which is close to our skin is hidden.

OligoMer Spa ~ Relaxation & Energy Charge -
This massage uses the "oligomail", which symbolizes phytomail, as the main main focus, and incorporates the image of the sea. It gradually loosens the muscles and brings relaxation & energy recharge that awakens all the senses of the body.

Booshoffan ~ Reflective thermal method ~
It is applied to the spine and soles, and brings the balance and relaxation of the autonomic nerve. Rich minerals and thermal effects allow the autonomic nervous system to improve metabolism.

Such worries [skin is dull, neck, shoulder stiffness, back acne]

Such worries [feet cool, feet swell, feet are sluggish]

Leg Revival
The rapid cooling effect promotes blood circulation and removes swelling and sluggishness from congestion. By strengthening the blood vessel wall, swelling of the leg is improved from the root.

To such trouble [chronic swelling leg, tired leg after sports, jinjin and the hot flash of the leg, to tired leg of standing work]

*All prices are tax-excluded.