Q & A / Beginner's Guide

◆ esthetic experience, for the first time to an uneasy...
We will explain the flow you will practice with Aloha and You sea.
Take a look at the once your visit please. Also, please contact please feel free to ask.
We are waiting for you from all the staff.

Step1 contact & reservations
Step2 visit counseling
Step3 practitioner
Step4 after councel ring and your Bill
Q. Appointment book??

A.Yes, basically we are happy booking priority. Of course on the day of booking is available.
* May day and availability at your preferred time, so advance booking is smooth.

Q. Change the reservation, or, if you want to cancel??

A.May inconvenience other guests and reservation change or cancellation if so, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
* Cancellation fees are charged.

Q. Do you accept credit cards??

A.Yes, VISA and Master credit cards available.
* Payment is only lump-sum payment.
* Please check in advance please.

Q. What is the difference between members and visitors?

A.And issued a membership card and member member would be, always available at member rates.
Member's card and point card and a reduced 1% of the treatment price. Points available to be treated at one point 1 yen.

Q. If you want to take and various other courses in addition to?

A.Because it will offer courses tailored to your needs, please contact Salon staff.

Q. Is the daughter want to go together, but if the minor do?

A.Children becomes required will fill out the minor consent form for minors.
Therefore, please book from the parents.

Q. If you go to the beauty for the first time, something to be prepared?

A.No, there is basically no.
Be assured even in facial and body hair removal here a change of clothes are available.
Also upon received your facial hair removal and facial makeup products are available. Please feel free to use.

Q. Este is also pregnant?

A.Yes, I receive.
Strive to have been pregnant also is sufficient to accommodate.
You can receive treatments, such as facials and body in contact with customers and most relaxing position.
* May not receive some menu. Also from hair removal course turns out pregnancy, after childbirth Physiology finished second is will be closed from our we. Please inform us.

Q. Bridal EST is how much of the wedding menu from the front??

A.Bridal Este menu is 6 months from the previous plan offers.
Also, we will plan according to your needs, so please feel free to consult.

Q. Do you have parking??

A.Yes, free parking offers.
With confidence even when it rains so please visit us in our we have indoor parking on 1 floor.
You sea only and leave your place on the Panel was written.